Truck Accident Legal Investigations

Truck accidents happen, particularly when people consider just how much freight is moved overland in the United States. However, with that said, it’s important to make sure that when an accident happens that it wasn’t something that could have been prevented. That is the purpose of truck accident legal investigations; determining what happened so that appropriate actions can be taken.

Drawing Conclusions From the Scene

It’s of primary importance that when an accident does happen that nothing is touched or moved within reason. Obviously those who are hurt need to get medical attention, but the vehicles themselves should not be moved until photographs are taken and the accident is documented. Police will interview those who were involved and take statements, and records will be made of any and all injuries that took place as a result of the accident. If there are video cameras in the area that caught what was happening then those will also have the footage located and reviewed.

Determining Fault

One of the most important things when investigating truck accidents is to determine who’s fault, if any, the accident was. For instance, did the sports car cut the truck off leaving it no time to react? Or was the truck driver missing sleep to make a delivery on time and thus wasn’t able to react fast enough to the circumstances to avoid a crash? Was either driver using drugs or alcohol? If no one is directly responsible in obvious ways, then it might have been an accident where there really was no fault involved. Or, alternatively, if there is fault on both sides (the driver of the car was drinking too much, but the truck driver hadn’t slept in a day and a half) then it might be hard to determine who is at fault.

Legal Actions

Often times there’s no crime committed when there’s a truck accident. Just as often individuals may try to take legal action by pressing a civil suit. Before an individual even thinks about bringing suit though, the investigation needs to be complete. Only once all of the facts have been established, and the law has run its course, should someone truly consider trying to sue over a legal accident. The results of a truck accident legal investigation might make it difficult, if not impossible, to win a civil suit; particularly if the person who wants to press suit was found to be the driver at fault due to actions taken that led directly to the accident. Truck accidents are common, and happen more often than you think. Places of industry, like NYC – see many truck accidents. If injured, we encourage you to speak to an NYC personal injury law firm – who will not charge a fee – unless they win your case.

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