Truck Accident Common Causes

In the past 20 years there has been more than a 20 percent increase in trucking accidents to the point that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is concerned that this multi-million dollar industry is causing more severe health and safety risks not to mention injuries and death. Just using a dab of common sense, when a truck or large 18 wheeler meets up with a smaller car in an accident on the highways just the size of the truck vs. smaller vehicle should tell you who the survivors might be.

That said while each accident can be unique and individual, the causes for most truck accidents fall into the following categories:

** Driver Error: In recent statistics it was shown that of all the causes of a trucking accident, driver error is more than ten times likely to be the cause. Things like fatigue, distraction and not paying attention, drugs or other substance abuse, or using a cell phone come to mind. Any of these factors can eventually lead to a truck driver’s inability to react to dangers; ergo, causing a truck crash.
** Truck Equipment Failure: Can mean defective tires, no reverse-warning devices, design and manufacturing errors, improperly maintained brakes and other mechanical issues. Even though the FMSCA requires every driver and company to perform certain pre-trip inspections on a regular basis, the truth is that rules and other regulations are commonly ignored with the possible end result being an accident or death.

** Weather Conditions: Mother Nature can play a large part in truck accidents. On many occasions small car freeway drivers have been passed on rain-wet or snow-wet roads splashing the windows of other drivers to the point where their wipers can’t work fast enough. Truck drivers often fail to remember to check local conditions before heading out on the highway’s.
** Improper Loading: Another common cause of a truck accident can be when the load is not safely configured or distributed on the trailer. Any improper load can easily slip one way or the other, causing the truck to shift to an imbalanced load that can lead to items falling off the truck onto other lanes of traffic causing an accident.

In the final analysis a major growing cause and concern of truck accidents is without question the improper selection of drivers and companies. Many times in the hustle to get the shipments out on the roads, all too many company owners simply contact a trucking company and driver they are not familiar with; ergo, not checking to see if the truck is in compliance with FMCA regulations to ship their loads, let alone not knowing if the driver has the proper licensing, in any, required in this country. Places like Los Angeles, have a lot of trucks going through them. If you are injured, we encourage you to speak to a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer who can help.

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