Marijuana DUI Lawyer Los Angeles

6 February 2020

Marijuana DUI Lawyer Los Angeles

If you’ve been charged with a marijuana DUI, you should immediately contact an attorney to represent you and fight the charges against you. Being charged with a marijuana DUI is serious, especially in Southern California, the penalties are harsh and you will have your license suspended unless your attorney intervenes and assist you with getting your license back. Contact Los Angeles Marijuana DUI Lawyers at The H Law Group to assist you with fighting your DUI charges.

A marijuana DUI is very similar to an alcohol DUI, both crimes stem from the same statute, so many of the consequences are the same. For the prosecution to convict you of a DUI, it must show that you were driving while under the influence of marijuana. This is difficult to show since methods to test for marijuana do not show law enforcement if the person operating the vehicle was under the influence of marijuana at the time of the traffic stop. So, officers often look for other ways to show that an individual was driving while under the influence of marijuana. For the best possible defense, contact the experienced marijuana DUI attorneys at DUI Lawyers Los Angeles.

One way they do this is by seeking admission of guilt from the driver of the vehicle or by having the driver perform a field sobriety test. So, if you’re ever stopped for a marijuana DUI, do not make any statements to the police officer, only provide them with your identification, automobile registration, and insurance information. Also, do not perform any field sobriety tests as they will use them against you. That said if they take you to the station and ask you to perform a blood, breath, or urine test, make sure that you comply with their request. Failing to take the station tests may have DMV consequences. Again, if you need an attorney to represent you and fight for you, contact the marijuana attorneys at the H Law Group.

Where you Under the Influence?

Again, the most difficult task that the prosecution will face is proving that you under the influence of marijuana at the time you were stopped, so please exercise your right to remain silent and do not make any statements as even seemingly innocent statements can and will be used against you. So, instead of relying on the toxicology report, we often see the prosecution point to field sobriety tests and observations the police officer makes. Such observations include looking at you to see if your speech is slurred, eyes are moving quickly, or if you were driving bad. That said, regardless of the evidence against you, we will do our best to either have your case dismissed, if not dismissed our marijuana lawyers guarantee that they will achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Felony vs. Misdemeanor

A marijuana DUI can be charged by the prosecution as either a misdemeanor or as a felony, meaning driving under the influence of marijuana is a wobbler. The prosecution typically charges marijuana DUIs as a misdemeanor absent aggravating factors, such as an accident, reckless driving, or injury to property or persons. The same goes for a second DUI offense and a third DUI offense. That said, there are some different consequences in terms of the length of punishment and length of the DMV suspension of your license. The punishment gets harsher with every subsequent marijuana DUI that a person is convicted of within a ten year period.

Alcohol DUI vs Marijuana DUI

Both alcohol and marijuana DUIs are charged under the same statute, both offenses involve driving while under the influence of a substance that alters an individual’s state of mind. Also, the consequences for both offenses are very similar. From an attorney’s perspective, defending a marijuana DUI is often easier than defending an alcohol DUI just because of the advanced measuring equipment that’s available for testing for alcohol makes it difficult for attorneys to fight.

Marijuana DUI Lawyer Los Angeles

If you’ve been charged with driving under the influence of marijuana, you should contact an attorney and hire them to defend you and safeguard your legal rights. Failing to promptly hire an experienced marijuana DUI attorney can cost you your license and your freedom, so don’t wait and give us a call to assist you with fighting your marijuana DUI. The attorneys at the DUI Lawyers of Los Angeles will assist you with every step of the criminal process. They will also offer you assistance with dealing with the DMV to get your license back and your life back on track.


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