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Every year nearly 200,000 are arrested in California on charges of DUI or DWI, some 5,000 of those arrested will be convicted of a felony and around 20,000 of a misdemeanor. Nationwide, DUI arrests top a million. Long Beach, CA residents facing the prospect of having to defend themselves in court against the accusation of driving under the influence of alcohol or some other debilitating drug are not alone according to these statistics. In yet another way they need not be alone as well- we can provide the legal help that will aid our clients in getting through the complicated and often frightening court experience. We know how to fight and secure the best possible outcome within the limits of the law.

We Handle Every Kind of DUI Case

DUI cases come in a number of shapes and sizes. Some cases involve illegal or even doctor prescribed medications that interfere with driving ability, though alcohol is of course most common. Some cases pertain to the operating of a boat, plane, bike, or other vehicle, not always the usual automobile. The blood alcohol level being above .08 is enough to violate the law, but aggravated charges occur if the BAC exceeds .12 in many cases. If there is property damage or injury or wrongful death that has happened, the gravity of the situation intensifies in the courtroom. We know the ins and the outs of the legal system here in southern California, even being familiar with particular localities such as Long Beach, with particular judges, and sometimes with the very prosecutors we are up against. That is because we have been served the L. A. area as criminal defense lawyers for years and years- we have decades of experience.

We Fight For You in Court

We immediately will obtain police records and examine them for any violation of legal or constitutional protocol. If evidence was obtained in an unlawful way, we will find out about it and proceed accordingly. Six of the 10 amendments called the Bill of Rights deal with ensuring the rights of the accused. We have given our lives to defending those rights in every case, regardless of what sorts of accusations may obtain. If a sentence can be avoided or reduced, we know how best to move toward that goal because we have done it all before. A former district attorney is on our team of lawyers and can be on your team as well. Not only rigorous law school training fleshed out by decades of actual experience, but also old fashioned grit and determination will be at work for you. We never give up on a client.

We Treat Our Clients Right

From the get-go, we explain, inform, and counsel you on what are your options and your outlook in court. We communicate with our clients to make sure they know what is going on and never think that we have forgotten them- we want them to know we are hard at work on their case. Those wishing to contact us can do so for free and get a free consultation and case evaluation. Long Beach residents can count on Farrar and Lewis to quickly respond to all potential customers’ calls for help. We understand that the situation is often urgent or even desperate and will be glad to make your case a priority. Our staff provides 24-7 customer service, so you can contact us any time that is convenient for you.

Our Promise

We promise to fight for you the way we would want someone to fight for us if we were placed in your shoes. We promise to treat all our clients with respect and to secure for them the best possible case outcome within the limits of the law.

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