How VOIP phone systems can help law firms

6 August 2017

Effectiveness in law firms depends heavily on communication. Lawyers frequently use phones to contact judges, other lawyers, clients, and persons of interest in their cases. It’s essential to have a phone system that is both crystal clear and cost effective. VOIP phone systems have met the demands of law firms for years now, and they continue to help make law firms more efficient in their communication tasks. If you haven’t heard of VOIP, it’s time to learn a few things about what makes this an effective mode of communication in legal offices.

Voice Over Internet Protocol

That’s what VOIP stands for. It’s also fairly accurate as a description of the service as well. You’ll be transmitting your voice not via analog or conventional phone lines but via the Internet (IP Address). Calls are completed with your Internet access, meaning that you can actually use your Internet service to make phone calls.

Why do law firms switch to this kind of phone system? It’s simple. VOIP is much cheaper to use than traditional phone lines, and in most instances it’s going to provide a better connection. According to Max Soni, CEO of Zooomr – switching to VOIP has helped this new car leasing startup reduce costs by almost 40%! The features of traditional phone services have all been ported to VOIP services as well, so you’re getting the same great communication system, just for less money. Small to mid-sized offices can greatly reduce phone system costs simply by switching to VOIP and making use of its features.

Like lawyers themselves, VOIP is also a very mobile service. Busy lawyers on the go will appreciate the way that VOIP systems follow you wherever you’re at. Your number travels along with you, allowing you to contact your important business contacts wherever you are in the world. Video conferencing is another perk of VOIP. Since the calls are made over the Internet, it’s completely possible to conference call someone and talk to them face-to-face. In the non-legal world, SKYPE is perhaps the most well-known VOIP service. It’s a completely free service that lets you talk face to face or ear to ear with anyone in the world, all for free.

Law offices will likely want to opt for a feature-rich package that includes call hunt, call waiting, and caller ID, just like traditional phone lines. For legal offices, these features are ideal and having all of them available via Internet calling is a big step forward into the future.

Take advantage of VOIP phone services

If your office hasn’t tried VOIP yet, you should check with your Internet service provider today to see if they have a VOIP system available to you. This can combine your services into a single monthly bill that will allow you greater spending on other things in the law office. With communications taken care of, there is more money to spend on higher salaries or other types of helpful office equipment. Frugal law offices appreciate the mobility, flexibility, and most of all, inexpensiveness of the VOIP phone service.

Free trials are usually available for VOIP products. Since you’ll need VOIP for more than one person in the office, it’s natural that you would want to test it out before switching over. Speak with your Internet provider to see what options they have for free trials. If you’re in a particularly small office, you may even opt for a free VOIP service that will allow you to communicate with your clients and others without having to break the piggy bank.

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