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Driving under the influence of alcohol is no matter to take lightly. Facing a DUI charge is also no feather-light matter.

At H&M, we are experienced trial attorneys who can help you through this trying time. With a former district attorney in our ranks, we are the right firm to help you fight your DUI charge in Glendora.

We honor that fact that Glendora’s safe streets benefit from responsible drivers. If you are more responsible than your recent DUI charge would indicate, we would welcome you as a client.

Why Do You Need Our Law Firm’s Help?

Do not send yourself on a fool’s errand! Defending oneself in criminal court in Glendora or anywhere in California is unwise. Criminal proceedings take mental and emotional tolls for which you are likely not prepared. When you need a calming, experienced force on your side, you need H&M!

If charged with DUI in California, you may be up against:

  • License-suspension of up to four years
  • An extended jail sentence
  • Monetary penalties exceeding $15,000
  • A breathalyzer connected to your car’s starter

At H&M, we have the knowledge and experience to help you reduce your possible penalties or defeat the charges against you.

Do not “go it alone”! “Go it” with experts!

Has Your Child Been Charged with DUI? We Can Help!

California’s DUI laws are particularly strict on people under 21 years of age. The state intends not to tolerate underage drinking combined with driving. While a drinking-age driver who blows below “.08” on a breathalyzer will not usually be charged with DUI, any driver under 21 who blows at least “.01” will be charged.

Though such strictness and intolerance of driving under the influence is understandable, we can help you and your repentant, young-adult child sail safely through the treacherous waters of the legal system. We will help you both reach a shore where your child can begin anew toward a more responsible life.

We Can Help You Get the Most Favorable Ruling Possible

Hiring experienced DUI attorneys like us can save you money and headaches in the long run. We can also help you save your job. A long stay in jail is not typically conducive to maintaining employment.

Our aim is to help you get through this trying period and back to driving sober and responsibly. Losing your job to a long jail term can lead to lasting detrimental effects on your livelihood. We are here to help prevent such a negative outcome.

You Deserve a Spirited Defense by Experienced Attorneys

At H&M, we like to say, “We fight for you like family!” We say it because it is true. Every person charged with a crime deserves a passionate defense. It is an American right, and we are honored to uphold it!

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