El Monte Dui Lawyers

El Monte, CA residents in need of a great DUI defense attorney can count on the time-tested experience of H&M Criminal Defense to deliver to them the highest quality of informed and well-fought legal defense. Over a million Americans are annually arrested on DUI charges, and we have seen so many cases in the past that we have developed an intimate knowledge of this area of law. We have been coming to the aid of DUI-charged residents of the L. A. and southern California area for years and our legal defense team has accumulated literally decades of practical courtroom experience in handling DUI cases. We even have a former district attorney working for us, giving us added insight into the total court process. We never turn down a client, and we always fight for you like you were a member of our own families.

Why Use a H&M Criminal Defense Lawyer?

The potential repercussions of a DUI conviction are high and long-lived. With your future driving privileges on the line, possible heavy fines, and even years-long jail time on the radar screen- it is time to take all possible precautions. A lawyer can ensure that all of your constitutional rights have been adhered to during the arrest and following. H&M lawyers’ legal skills drastically improve your chances of a favorable court decision. Going to the court room alone and without any legal counsel can make you an easier target for prosecutors. While a public defender is free, they often are overburdened with a heavy case load and do not have the time nor resources to pay constant attention to your particular case. We do. We will communicate with you consistently to allow you to make the best decisions possible and obtain the best ending possible in your DUI case.

While many lawyers may take on criminal defense cases now and again, we at H&M Criminal Defense specialize in that area. DUI cases make up a considerable and constant proportion of our cases every day and every year. The job of a defense lawyer differs significantly from that of a prosecutor, and the duties of a criminal lawyer are not the same as with a lawyer who typically tackles less serious cases. Our area of expertise is in criminal law, and we are ready to put our knowledge to work for you.

We have a proven track record of obtaining favorable results in our DUI cases. Our pursuance of any pre-trial issues can sometimes get an immediate dismissal, our familiarity with the tactics of the opposing lawyer and with the habits of specific judges keeps us from being taken by surprise, and our commitment to serving the best interests of each client causes us to ever pursue, with dogged determination, the best possible ruling for our clients.

What Do I Need to Do to Begin Working With a H&M Defender?

First, it is as easy as going online and filling out one of our free case evaluation forms. You can also investigate our website for more information on how H&M have helped many people in the past, some of them with cases much like yours. A free legal consultation, wherein you can discuss some of the details of your situation and question us about how we would plan to handle such a case, is available for you right now.

El Monte, CA citizens who are facing DUI charges can expect a quick response to their calls for assistance. We have a 24-7 staff that will not waste any time in getting back to you. We at H&M understand that your future is at stake and will get right to work on your case as soon as possible.

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