DUI and Global Entry

26 May 2017

Many collateral consequences affect those drivers who are convicted of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Moreover, many other collateral consequences affect those drivers who are arrested for a DUI offense. One of the major consequences these drivers get after being arrested is the DUI conviction or arrest. In this case, you can qualify for a global entry in the airports. For the frequent traders, this action often leads to frustrations and problem creation.

What is Global Entry?
Global entry is one of the most sophisticated programs offered by the Border and Customs Protection in the United States. This program also allows expedited travelers clearance who have faced pre-approval. For those who are engaged in frequent international travels, this action can be extremely helpful. You can also use this action to speed up the processes.

For you to gain the minimum qualification for the global entry, the traveler must go through a criminal background check and submit an application. When you conduct a background check, it will reveal any previous convictions or arrests on the criminal record of the person. A DUI conviction or arrest often leads to the denial of the global entry privileges in the United States.

More than 5 percent of all global entry applications are often denied on a yearly basis. For this reason, you will be given a reason for denial as an applicant once the results are out for viewing. You can also appeal the denial after getting an opportunity to show your case. In this case, you must provide the necessary documentation to help you stand a chance of defending yourself. You can also appeal the denial regarding your deposition case.

Global Entry and DUI
When a person is being arrested for a DUI charge in California, the California Justice Department is always notified about the arrest communication. In this case, this information will be entered into your personal database. If you are also convicted of the DUI offense as a drive, you will be on the criminal record as a defendant. In this case, you can be prevented from qualifying for a chance at the global entry. If no case was filed or the criminal charges were dismissed, the DUI arrest may still be part of the criminal record of the driver that is saved in your national database. Your criminal record determines your consideration at the global entry as an individual. You will also be disqualified from global entry as an applicant if you have faced arrest in DUI, to show that the DUI arrest did not result in a conviction, it is necessary to appeal to the denial.

Expungement May Not Affect Global Entry
People arrested for DUI can act by expunging their convictions at a later date by filling a successful pursuant motion to the California Penal Code. This motion will dismiss the charges. However, the Federal authorities may consider this conviction as active when determining your eligibility for global entry the expungement can only be communicated to the Justice Department of California. For this reason, it will not be reflected in the national system. This application is proof enough that the convicted has been expunged.

Other Problems Facing International Travelers
Certain nations deny entry to the United States in addition to the global entry issues. You cannot enter to Canada with such conviction history in the United States.

If you have any further questions about the collateral consequences associated with global entry and after being charged with DUI offenses, it’s important to speak to a district attorney in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Law Firm has many experienced district attorneys who offer expert legal representation with the DUI cases.

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