They are amazing Los Angeles dui attorneys. They are very professional, and constantly diligent about your future. They truly care about helping protect your future. They are experienced, and i’m extremely grateful I found them online.

~ Marcus R

The H&M Law Firm has great. They have so many convenient locations, and they are amazing to work with. Many dui attorneys in Los Angeles are unreliable. I had a great experience with H&M. They are very attentive to your personal situations, and understand how difficult the DUI is on your life personally speaking. I was working with Nima and Luis – who were both equally great. I highly recommend picking this law firm – having a former DUI prosecutor is a great asset! You know exactly what to suspect, and there are no surprises. The firm was able to get my charges significantly reduced and dropped. I would recommend them to ANYONE for ANYTHING.

~ Amanda H.

For the first time, I enjoyed a consultation with my an attorney. I dread thinking about attorneys – and I dreaded going into my DUI consultation. I didn’t want to go to jail – I was SO scared. Angelo was very straight, and told me many of their members are former DUI Prosecutors – meaning the DUI firm was extremely competent to handle the case. I felt they are very professional, and they answered all my questions. They were prompt about answering my calls – and never put me on hold. Moreover, Nima – the founding partner, was always available to answer any questions I had.

~ Michael H.

This is a Los Angeles DUI law firm that consists of the top DUI lawyers – all under one roof. I am extremely grateful for this rockstar team of attorneys. Nima, the founding partner – is the best attorney I have met. He is an awesome human being – and is an awesome attorney. He got my case turned into a wet reckless. This is AFTER I blew a .14. My judge told me in front of everyone – that I was VERY lucky that my attorney got me this deal. This showed me that this law firm was extremely talented. I knew Nima was smart from our first conversation, but when the judge said this – I felt SO happy and proud of myself, and my attorney!

~ Marcus R

The DUI lawyers Los Angeles at H&M are extremely professional, competent, and amazing. Nima, and his paralegal, Luis, deliver GREAT results. They care about one thing: giving great results – and protecting your life. They are very articulate, and very informative. They got me a great outcome – and I would recommend this firm to anyone in need of the #1 firm. This is who you should call first.

~ Court K.

It’s rare for me to say – I am satisfied with an attorney. I don;t like attorneys, but I was VERY satisfied with the quality and professionalism from the H&M Law Firm. I am extremely happy with the quality of communications. I could call, email, or text, the firm at any time. They always responded to me within 24 hours. Typically, their founding partner: Nima, would reach out to me. He never sounded annoyed. He was always diligent on being clear – and making sure I was fine. He helped me out of a very tough legal situation – which could’ve ended in a lot of jail time. I was able to avoid jail time, and get away with a slap on the wrist. If you want the best attorney, then you need to consider hiring H&M. No one else is good enough!

~ Elizabeth Y.
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