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23 July 2018

If you’re in a vehicle, and it’s involved in an accident – you could be immediately suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Police officers can subject you to a breathlyzer test to determine your BAC levels. You have rights, and our attorneys can help protect them and prevent officers from encroaching on your constitutional rights.
In some cases, it’s possible you could be accused of a DUI by someone else. If an accident occurs, and the other driver/passenger tells law enforcement officers that you’re drunk or high, then a police officer can test you and arrest you. If you suspect your rights were violated, it’s important to tell our attorneys so that we can get the evidence struck from the record – if gained illegally.
Often, DUI charges are faulty, and can get dismissed. Police officers are humans, and can make mistakes. Sometimes, they may mistakenly suspect you were drinking, and as a result charge you with a DUI. For example, if you’re tired or medically impaired – then you might appear to be driving under the influence. Without an attorney to set the record straight, you could be convicted of a DUI. Our Los Angeles DUI attorneys can gather the medical evidence necessary to set the record straight, and help protect your record.
In some cases, DUI tests are inaccurate. Many breathalyzer tests and DUI tests are known to be faulty if the equipment isn’t properly maintained. If they aren’t – this can result in a wrongful allegation. Our attorneys regularly investigate the maintenance of machines, and ensure that all machines have been properly calibrated. If we can determine that the machines were not properly calibrated, we can help get your case dismissed.
Often, people are arrested for driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol. What follow is not simple. You will have to go through court hearings, police reports, field tests, and much more. If you fumble at even one point, you could get a conviction and have your entire record tarnished. If you’re wondering whether you should get a private lawyer or not, the answer is definitively YES

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